Crib Cabin

Crib Cabin overlooks The Cribworks, one of the most spectacular stretches of whitewater in New England. You fall asleep to the sound of the water cascading over rocks, and enjoy your meals on the front porch as you watch bald eagles and osprey dive for their meals.

This rustic, private riverside cabin is a short walk from the main campground. Perfect for a couple, fisherman, or a few friends hoping to get away from it all. Equipped with woodstove, propane appliances such as lights, refrigerator, and cook top, and a private privy. It comes with eating and cooking utensils. Cabin offers full bed and a bunk bed set. There is no running water or electricity. 

Big A Cabin

Big A Cabin is situated in a wooded setting within the main campground with nearby privy and shower facilities. Perfect for a couple, fishermen, or a few friends. It is a short walk to the eddy.

The cabin is equipped with propane appliances such as refrigerator, cook top, and lights. There is no running water, but there is a cistern that collects rain water for doing dishes, and we provide a 5-gallon jug of potable water. There is a woodstove, queen bed, and bunk bed set in the sleeping area. The cabin is equipped with all eating and cooking utensils. 

Eddy Cabin

Eddy Cabin is our most popular cabin as it’s perched right on the shores of the river. The cabin features a screened-in porch/kitchen area that’s perfect for relaxing as well as cooking and sits directly beside the river with a nice front yard. Perfect for a couple, family, or a handful of friends.

It has running water in the form of an outdoor spigot, and there is an extension cord inside with a small bedside lamp, and for plugging in small items. Outhouse and shower facilities are close by. The cabin is equipped with a woodstove, and propane appliances such as a refrigerator and cook top. The sleeping room features a queen bed, twin bed, and a bunk bed set, so it can sleep up to five people.

Chesuncook Cabin

Chesuncook Cabin is situated next door to Big A in a wooded setting and within close proximity to the campground amenities. Enjoy a short two minute walk to the eddy where you can fish, swim, or sit on the shore and relax. 

The cabin features a queen bed and twin bunk bed set. There’s also two recliners and a wood stove in the sleeping area. The screened-in porch features propane appliances like a refrigerator and cook top. There is an electric light in the bedroom, and propane light in the porch. The cabin has pots, pans, utensils, glasses, and plates. There is a fire pit and picnic table outside. 

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